I Quit TV.

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Well, that might be a slight overstatement. I did quit TV. But not forever. I quit TV for this month. January 2016 is the month of no television. And who knows, it might continue. You’d think I wouldn’t watch so much TV because well, I don’t even own a TV. But I do own a computer. And my parents have a Netflix subscription. And the internet is an overflowing toilet of streaming video. Thus, any free time I had was spent consuming embarrassing amounts of TV. Why quit TV? Well, for just that reason. I wasn’t spending my free time enriching my mind. Reading books, researching ideas, growing as a human. I was just consuming. And I didn’t like it. There was a time in my life when I spent 90% of my free time working on or developing new projects. Reading books that made me a better person. Strengthening my relationship with God. Interestingly enough, I owned a TV in those days. What changed? Who knows. I moved, I have a new job, I’m interested in other things. The list goes on. But this month is my month. The month I get back to enriching myself through avenues other than useless entertainment. Okay, I’m being kind of harsh. There’s a time and place for entertainment. Sometimes after a long week, you don’t have the energy for anything other than Netflix and chill. But I had gone way beyond that point. Now I’m going cold turkey. No nothin’ not even movies. Well, unless I’m going to a theater to see it. But let’s be honest…I’m not rich so that’s only happening twice at the most. It’s January 10th and I can say things are going well. I’ve done a lot of crosswords and listened to a lot of podcasts. I want to read more, though. So yesterday I bought a book – The Screwtape Letters. I’m going to start it...

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