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Sometimes I wonder what things I’ve said to people that resonated with them for their entire life.

Not that I think I’m speaking profound insight.

But you know those things that people say to you that you just…can’t forget? They may have been literally nothing sentences to the person who said them. Except for some reason, they weren’t nothing sentences to you.

Seven years ago a college friend offered to pay me $500 to help her shoot a wedding video. Had I ever shot a wedding before? Nope. Did I know what I was doing? Nope. Was I making $28,000 a year at my first job out of college and desperate for extra cash? Yep.

The wedding was on the other side of the state, so I spent an afternoon driving to metro Detroit, wondering what wedding videographers do. Envisioning the disappointed look on my friend’s face when she reviewed my footage only to realize that I was useless.

When I got to the venue, we walked through the 120-year-old Albert Kahn designed church – planning our shots. As my friend discussed logistics, I stood there imagining my own wedding taking place in that church, wondering what the soon-to-be newlyweds were like.

My friend looked at me, describing the angle of the camera and said, “which will be fine, because they’re a small couple. Like…they’re both shorter people.”

I’ll never forget her saying that to me. Would anyone else have forgotten that? Surely.

For some reason in that moment, at that event, it created an image in my mind that I just can’t shake.

My potential future and my potential wedding seemed so unsure at that time. But all I could wonder was: “Will people say that about me and my fiance? Will we both be small people?”

They’re a small couple.

And we are.